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"The Four Norsemen of Northern Maine"
by Randall L. Whipkey

This fall's University of Northern Maine Vikings football team has defeated six straight Piney Woods Conference opponents and caused so much excitement on campus that the school newspaper, Eric the Read, has dubbed the backfield "The Four Norsemen." Each of the four starting backs, including the slotback, has scored a different number of touchdowns to lead the Vikings to their 6-0 mark. From the stat sheet below, can you win the autumn afternoon Logic Puzzle game by finding each player's full name and position and how many times he has reached the end zone this season?

  1. David Don leads the Vikings in touchdowns with 10 of the 26 total scored by the four backs.
  2. Billy Bob isn't the team's fullback.
  3. Jackie Lee has reached the end zone one more time than fellow back Meredith.
  4. The Northern Maine quarterback isn't "Norseman" Dorsett.
  5. The Viking fullback has scored twice as many TDs as Payton.
  6. Brown has four more touchdowns than backfield buddy Tommy Joe.
  7. The tailback, who isn't Jackie Lee, hasn't scored the fewest touchdowns of "The Four Norsemen."

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