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Logic Puzzle # 62 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Revenge of the Snerds

By clue 2, when the dummies in Revenge of the Snerds turn on their ventriloquists, three of the victims do not survive: Ed, Pinky's ventriloquist, and the ventriloquist whose dummy puts arsenic in the water he drinks while showing off his voice-throwing skills. In clue 6, the other two victims, who survive, are Manekin and Morty's ventriloquist. Winchell's dummy is neither Morty nor Pinky (11), so Winchell does not survive and is either Ed or the poison victim in clue 2. Since Lewis does not survive his dummy's attack (12) and Lewis's dummy isn't Pinky (7), Lewis is the other of Ed and the poison victim in clue 2. Neither Lewis nor Winchell is Artie's "voice" (1); therefore, Artie is Manekin's dummy in clue 6. By clue 12, the ventriloquist who is stuffed into his dummy's trunk doesn't survive and thus isn't Artie's or Morty's "voice" in clue 6. By clue 12, he isn't Lewis either, nor is he Winchell (4) in clue 2. Pinky stuffs his ventriloquist into the trunk. Neither Ed's (8) nor Manekin's (13) dummy is the one who throws his voice through his ventriloquist and incites the audience to attack, so Morty pulls that reversal. Morty then isn't Bergen's dummy (13) and has Hopkins as his "voice." Bergen's dummy is Pinky in clue 2. Artie's ventriloquist Manekin's first name isn't Ty (9), Bob, or Chet (10) and is Will. Hopkins' first name isn't Bob or Chet (3) and is Ty. Will's dummy isn't the one who spins his "voice"'s head round and round (5), so Ed is victimized by that reversal. Will has his throat chomped on by his dummy. Ed's dummy isn't Chunky (5) and is Dougie, with Chunky being the water poisoning dummy. Bob is Pinky's "voice" and Chet Chunky's (14). Chet is Lewis and Ed Winchell (15). The dummies wreck woody horror on their ventriloquists in Revenge of the Snerds as follows:

  • Artie on Will Manekin by chomping on his throat
  • Chunky on Chet Lewis by poisoning his water
  • Dougie on Ed Winchell by spinning his head round
  • Morty on Ty Hopkins by throwing his voice and angering the crowd
  • Pinky on Bob Bergen by stuffing him into the trunk Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.