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Revenge of the Snerds
by Randall L. Whipkey

In the latest Roger Goreman horror film, Revenge of the Snerds, Dougie and four other dummies come to lethal life and turn on their ventriloquists with a vengeance: each attacks his "voice" in a different way, with one chomping with his wooden jaws at his ventriloquist's throat. From the clues thrown at you below, can you solve the horror of SNERDS! by finding the full name of each dummy's ventriloquist and how the woody horror attacks his "voice" in the movie?

  1. Neither Lewis nor Winchell is Artie's ventriloquist.
  2. Three of the victims--Ed, Pinky's "voice," and the ventriloquist whose dummy puts arsenic into the water he uses to show off his voice-throwing-while-gargling ability--do not survive their dummies' dastardly deeds.
  3. Bob and Chet come to the aid of fellow ventriloquist Hopkins when he is set upon by his "loving son."
  4. Winchell isn't the "voice" whose dummy giggles as he stuffs Winchell into his oh-too-small carrying trunk.
  5. Will doesn't own the dummy who spins his ventriloquist's head round and round; the head-spinning dummy isn't Chunky.
  6. Two of the "voices"--Manekin and Morty's operator--survive their dummies' attempts and help defeat the woody horrors by "The End."
  7. In one scene in Revenge of the Snerds, Pinky plots with Lewis' dummy on how to murder their masters.
  8. Ed isn't the victim who is attacked by his audience when his dummy throws his voice through the ventriloquist's and insults the crowd.
  9. Ty appears glad when his archrival Manekin is victimized early in the film, but his joy soon fades in the next scene.
  10. Neither Bob nor Chet is the one who has Artie as his dummy.
  11. Winchell's 30-year-old dummy is neither Morty nor Pinky.
  12. Neither Lewis nor the ventriloquist stuffed into the trunk by his dummy survive being attacked.
  13. Neither Bergen nor Manekin is the "voice" victimized by having his dummy insult and incite the audience.
  14. Chunky is shown clapping and whistling in the wings while Bob's dummy assaults him.
  15. Lewis isn't the ventriloquist who suffers the ignoble fate of having his head turned round and round.

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