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Soap Opera: The Doctors
by Randall L. Whipkey

This week, the hit soap opera "Suburban Hospital" introduces four new characters to the show, including Dr. Dan Danforth. Each new doctor debuts on a different day Monday-Friday, and each is played by an actor new to daytime television. Given the TV Guide below, can you diagnose the Logic Puzzle of what character is introduced on which day, the kind of doctor he is on "Hospital," and the full name (one last name is Grace) of the actor playing the part on the soap?

  1. Dr. Hal Hallmark, who isn't played by Alec, isn't the new ophthalmologist on "Suburban Hospital."
  2. Joey makes his acting debut on the show the day before Lucci plays his first soap opera role.
  3. The anesthesiologist, who isn't Mulder's "Hospital" character, doesn't debut on Tuesday's program.
  4. Neither Alec nor Ian has the role as the new radiologist.
  5. Brent's doctor is introduced the day before Dr. Sam Sampson becomes a "Suburban Hospital" character.
  6. Joey auditioned for the role of Dr. Will Wilson but isn't the actor who won that part on the soap.
  7. Ian's medical character is introduced the day after the staff's new ophthalmologist debuts.
  8. Dr. Hal Hallmark first appears two days before the radiologist debuts on the soap.
  9. The character acted by Trumayne makes his first appearance on "Suburban Hospital" earlier in the week than the show's new neurosurgeon does.

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