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 Logic Puzzle # 60 Logic Problems Help  

Gidget's Widgets
by Randall L. Whipkey

Gidget's Widgets, Inc., is a small manufacturer whose single 5-man assembly line produces the company's unique product. Each man on the assembly line uses a different tool to attach a part to each Widget; at one station, the Cloog-O-Meter is added. Given the facts that follow, you should be able to solve the Logic Problem of who mans each assembly line station in order 1-5, what tool he uses to do his job, and which part he attaches to each Gidget's Widget.

  1. Joe's station is immediately after the one where the Hummerdrum is attached to the Widget; the worker who adds the Hummerdrum isn't the one who uses a glue gun.
  2. Gus isn't the assembly line worker responsible for attaching the Watchawicket to each product.
  3. A hammer is used at an earlier station than the one where the Jingobelt is added to each Widget.
  4. Ed isn't the Hummerdrum specialist.
  5. Gus works on each Widget immediately before it goes to the man who uses a drill to add his part.
  6. Al gets each Widget immediately after another worker has attached the Watchawicket to it.
  7. Bob attaches his part to each product right before a co-worker employs a socket wrench to do his job.
  8. Al isn't the one on-line at the Jingobelt station.
  9. Immediately after Ed works on each Widget, it goes down the line to the man who uses a glue gun to attach his part.
  10. Joe isn't the worker who uses a drill.
  11. Al doesn't use a glue gun or a socket wrench at his station.
  12. The man who uses a welding torch to attach his part isn't the assembly line worker who is responsible for adding the Pampipin to each of Gidget's Widgets.

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