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Logic Puzzle # 59 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
eBay Buys

Morgan isn't the person who bought the CIA cap (clue 9); nor, since Morgan was a first-time eBay buyer (3), did Morgan buy the Uncle Wiggly Game (6) or the Hohner Accordian (10). Morgan purchased either the Richard Nixon autographed photograph or the 48-state American flag. Morgan then isn't Wayne (2) or Emily (11), neither of whom bought the Nixon photo or the flag. Morgan also isn't Dan (3) or Janet (9) and is thus Alan. He didn't buy online from the person in El Paso, Texas, or in Columbia, Maryland (7). Since neither the seller from Hibbing, Minnesota (6), nor Ottawa, Ontario (8) sold to a first-time eBay buyer, Alan Morgan didn't buy from them either (3). Alan bought the item sold by the San Mateo, California, resident. Alan then purchased the Nixon autographed photo rather than the 48-star flag (5). By clue 1, the CIA baseball cap didn't come from the person in Hibbing and thus didn't go to either second-time buyer in clue 6. Since the purchaser of the Hohner acoordian has used eBay over 10 times (10), the CIA cap had to go to one of the first-time buyers in clue 3--Dan. Dan didn't buy the prize cap from the person in Hibbing or El Paso (1) or Ottawa (8), since Dan is a first-time buyer; the CIA cap was offered by the Columbia, Maryland, resident. Dan isn't Brewster (1), O'Hare, or Wu (4) and is Sanchez. So, all the pertinent information on the two first-time eBay buyers is complete. The most veteran eBay customer bought the Hohner accordian; so in clue 6, the Hibbing seller offered the 48-star flag online. Since the accordian didn't come from the El Paso seller (10), it came from the Ottawa resident; and the El Paso seller offered the classic Uncle Wiggly game. By clue 11, Emily didn't buy the flag or the Uncle Wiggly game from the El Paso seller and therefore bought the Hohner accordian over eBay. Wayne bought the Uncle Wiggly game and Janet the flag (2). Wayne's last name isn't O'Hare (2) or Wu (12) and is Brewster. By clue 12, Janet is O'Hare and Emily Wu. The five eBay purchases were made as follows:

  • Alan Morgan, Richard Nixon autographed photo <- San Mateo, CA
  • Dan Sanchez, CIA baseball cap <- Columbia, MD
  • Emily Wu, Hohner accordian <- Ottawa, ON
  • Janet O'Hare, 48-star American flag <- Hibbing, MN
  • Wayne Brewster, Uncle Wiggly game <- El Paso, TX Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.