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eBay Buys
by Randall L. Whipkey

Yesterday when one of the sales reps mentioned in the office that he had made a purchase over the internet on eBay, four of his fellow Standard & Rich employees echoed that they too had recently bought long-sought items through the on-line auction house. Given the following chat, can you solve the Logic Puzzle of each eBay buyer's full name (one surname is Sanchez), the item he or she purchased, and the North American city in which the person who offered the item on the web site resides?

  1. Brewster isn't the one who bought the CIA logo baseball cap, which didn't come from the seller in El Paso, Texas, or the seller in Hibbing, Minnesota.
  2. Wayne, who isn't the person who bought the Richard Nixon autographed photo or the one who acquired the 48-star American flag, and O'Hare both mentioned that they frequently purchase books from Amazon on-line.
  3. Dan and Morgan both said that this was the first time they had ever bid on anything at eBay's web site.
  4. Neither O'Hare nor Wu is the buyer who got the item sold by the resident of Columbia, Maryland.
  5. The item bought from the San Mateo, California, resident isn't the 48-star flag.
  6. Both the buyer of the classic Uncle Wiggly game and the one who purchased the item offered by the Hibbing resident said that these were their second buys over eBay.
  7. Alan's item wasn't shipped to him from either Columbia or El Paso.
  8. The office member who bought the Ottawa, Ontario, person's auctioned item isn't one of the first-time eBay customers.
  9. Janet and Morgan, who isn't the one who is now proud to wear a CIA cap, talked about buying CDs on-line from BMG Music Service's huge site.
  10. The person who bought the Hohner accordian, which didn't come from the El Paso seller, acknowledged being the veteran eBay client with more than 10 on-line purchases through the auction
  11. Emily, who didn't buy the El Paso resident's item, isn't the employee who bought the Nixon photo or the one who got the flag without the Alaska and Hawaii stars.
  12. Janet and Wu, who isn't the person who got the Uncle Wiggly set, have both purchased airline tickets through on-line discounter

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