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Dime Darts
by Randall L. Whipkey

At Jamie James' recent birthday party, one of the games played for a party prize was Dime Darts, with the guests throwing 10-cent pieces at a "bull's-eye," a hole cut out of a square board. Six of the guests, including Ricky, managed to get at least one dime into the hole, with no two getting the same number of bull's-eyes. Each boy got to keep the dimes he scored, and the one with the most won a copy of Big, Jamie's favorite film. Given the clues below, can you solve the Logic Puzzle of each scorer's full name (one last name is Benes) and the number of dimes he got in the bull's-eye and determine who won the birthday party prize playing Dime Darts?

  1. The six guests won a total of $4.00, with the winner of Big putting 10 dimes through the bull's-eye.
  2. Mario took home one more dime than the Freeman boy did.
  3. David and the Steiner boy at least hit the board itself with all their tosses rather than hitting the family room wall.
  4. Lars won 30 cents more than the Potter boy, who hit twice as many bull's-eyes as Harry.
  5. The Ciccarelli boy scored half as many Dime Darts as David, who took home 20 cents less than the Jansen boy.
  6. Lars and the Freeman boy were party prize winners at Marshmallow Home Run Derby and Ping Ping Goal!!! respectively.
  7. Adam's turn to throw the Dime Darts was just before the Potter boy's.

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