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 Logic Puzzle # 57 Logic Problems Help  

What's For Lunch?
by Randall L. Whipkey

When five 6th graders from Mrs. Butterworth's class sat together at lunchtime yesterday, they found that each had a banana in his or her bag--but that they had five different kinds of sandwiches and five different dessert snacks among them. From the mini-menu that follows, you should be able to solve the Logic Puzzle of "What's For Lunch?" by pairing each student with his or her sandwich and snack.

  1. Paolo doesn't like jelly with peanut butter, so he made a face when he saw another student's peanut butter & jelly sandwich.
  2. The 6th grader who had the honey turkey sandwich begged one of the Pizza Combos that a classmate had for dessert.
  3. Neither Kelly, Micah, nor Paolo had either the Jello Chocolate Pudding or the Pizza Combos for lunch.
  4. Jennifer told the student who had the bologna sandwich that she prefers brown mustard on bologna rather than the yellow that was on her classmate's.
  5. The 6th grader who enjoyed the ham & cheese didn't have the Jello Chocolate Pudding or Pizza Combos to go with it.
  6. The one who ate the chicken salad sandwich told her classmate who brought Oreo Cookies for snack that the "official" way to eat Oreos is to lick all the cream out first.
  7. Both Micah and Paolo tried unsuccessfully to trade their snacks for another student's Hostess Ho-Hos.
  8. The five lunchers are Jennifer, Tre, the 6th grader who had a Rice Krispies Treat for snack, and the two who had the chicken salad and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

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