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The Outer Space Olympics
by Randall L. Whipkey

On the opening day of the 11,188th Outer Space Olympics, five athletes from different planets of the galaxy earned Brilliance Medals for placing first in various events, one winning the dangerously exciting Speedsled Slalom. Given the Galactic Games report below, can you solve the Logic Problem of each champion's home planet and the event in which he, she, or it won the first-place medal made from the most precious substance in the Universe?

  1. Wanobi Obikan also took home a Silm'tal Medal for finishing second in the event won by the athlete from the planet Qewst.
  2. Again, the Galactic Games centered on the long-standing rivalry between the Mercantile worlds and the planets of the Half-Light Hegemony. Drmrby Y and the competitor from Pluto-617 were proud to gain Brilliance Medals for their Mercantile home planets.
  3. P0C3D2R2's first-place finish didn't come in Glumphh Jumping or in Intelli-Nastics--an event in which competitors put androids through various maneuvers using only mind waves.
  4. Ariani Fayre, who isn't the first-day champion from The Citadel, and the Brilliance Medalist in Romulo-Vulca Wrestling were guests on IGSN (IntraGalactic Sports Network) the evening they won their events.
  5. The Half-Light Hegemony partisans cheered wildly for the two medalists from their planets: Wanobi Obikan and the athlete who won Brilliance at Fazersword Fencing.
  6. The tough winner at Glumphh Jumping--an event in which competitors ride the huge, unruly beasts from the planet Mastoda through a swampy obstacle course--isn't from Qewst or beautiful New Airth.
  7. Ariani Fayre, who isn't from a Mercantile planet, and the athlete from Qewst exchanged Olympic holocubes in celebration of their victories.
  8. The medalist from Kithra, a world devoted to peace and meditation, didn't compete in Fazersword Fencing.
  9. Olympic champion Sirrah Launcelotta isn't a citizen of Pluto-617 or cold Qewst.
  10. The champion who is a citizen of New Airth, which doesn't belong to the Half-Light Hegemony, didn't win the Brilliance Medal in Intelli-Nastics.

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