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Logic Puzzle # 55 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
"Yes, I Want To Be a Millionaire"

From the introduction, the six contestants on "Yes, I Want To Be a Milllionaire" won six different amounts: $1,000, $2,000, $4,000, $8,000, $16,000 and $32,000. By clue 3, three consecutive contestants in order were Jack, Grayson, and the one who won $2,000; while by clue 5, three consecutive contestants in order were Winona, the person who won $1,000, and Sanza. The only possible commonality between the two clues is that Jack is Sanza, which he isn't (9), or that Winona won $2,000. If Winona had won $2,000, by clue 1, Defarge would have won $1,000 and therefore would have followed Winona onto the television program (5). However, Defarge was on before Winona (10). So, there is no overlap between clues 3 and 5; and one of the clues contains the first three contestants and the other the last three. By clue 10, Winona wasn't the first contestant, so Jack was. Grayson then was the second contestant and the $2,000 winner was the third (3). In clue 5, Winona appeared fourth on the show, the $1,000 winner appeared fifth, and Sanza was on sixth. By clue 7, Linda won twice as much as Wong, who immediately followed Linda as a contestant. Wong cannot be Winona, since then Linda would have won the $2,000 and Winona would have won the $1,000 prize, which she did not. Linda is Grayson, and Wong won $2,000. Linda won $4,000 (7). By clue 10, Defarge is Jack. If Winona were Bergman, by clue 4, Albert would have won $16,000 or more and would be Sanza. Then either Marie or Paul would be Yokum--which neither is (2). So, Winona is Yokum, and Bergman won $1,000. Albert is Wong (4). Sanza won at least $8,000 and therefore attempted the $16,000 question; Sanza thus isn't Paul (6). Sanza is Marie and Bergman Paul. By clue 8, Marie did not attempt the $64,000 question and therefore didn't win $32,000. Winona won the most money, $32,000, and Defarge won $16,000 (1). By elimination, Marie Sanza took home $8,000. In sum, in order of appearance, the six contestants on "Yes, I Want To Be a Millionaire" won cash prizes as follows:

  • Jack Defarge, $16,000
  • Linda Grayson, $4,000
  • Albert Wong, $2,000
  • Winona Yokum, $32,000
  • Paul Bergman, $1,000
  • Marie Sanza, $8,000 Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.