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Logic Puzzle # 54 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
New Elementary School Teachers

From the puzzle introduction, two of the new teachers were at other schools and two were in college during the 1999-2000 school term. The four new Summerset Elementary teachers are listed in clue 4: Jennifer, Smart, the 2nd grade teacher, and the person who taught at Winterhaven Elementary last year. By clue 2, Daniel is one of last year's college students, so in clue 4, he is Smart or teaches 2nd grade. If Daniel were Smart, the other recent college graduate who teaches 3rd grade (2) would be Jennifer in clue 4. However, by clue 6, the new 1st grade teacher is neither Daniel nor the one coming from Winterhaven Elementary School--so the arrangement with Daniel as Smart fails. By clue 2, Daniel is the 2nd grade teacher in clue 4. The teacher from Winterhaven Elementary isn't the 3rd grade teacher, who was in college last year (2), and isn't the 1st grade teacher (6). The Winterhaven transfer teaches 4th grade at Summerset Elementary. By clue 1, then, Thomas is Smart, and Luisa teaches 4th grade. Since Thomas Smart isn't the one coming from Cozy Valley Elementary (1), he must have been in college last school term; Jennifer transferred from Cozy Valley. By clue 2, Thomas Smart teaches 3rd grade; Jennifer teaches 1st grade. Neither Jennifer nor 4th grade teacher Luisa is Reader (7), so Daniel is. By clue 3, he recently graduated from Briar Patch State College and Thomas from Ocean City University. Luisa is Bookman and Jennifer Albright (5). The five new staff members at Summerset Elementary School thus are

  • Jennifer Albright, 1st grade, Cozy Valley Elementary
  • Daniel Reader, 2nd grade, Briar Patch State College
  • Thomas Smart, 3rd grade, Ocean City University
  • Luisa Bookman, 4th grade, Winterhaven Elementary Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.