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New Elementary School Teachers
by Randall L. Whipkey

When Summerset Elementary opened its doors for the 2000-01 year earlier this month, four teachers new to the school joined the staff. Two of the four transferred from other county schools, and two are recent college graduates, one from Briar Patch State College, newly hired by the school district. Each of the four teaches a different grade, from 1st-4th. Given the information that follows, can you solve the logic puzzle of each new Summerset Elementary teacher's full name (one last name is Bookman), the grade he or she teaches, and from where he or she joined the staff?

  1. Thomas, who isn't the person who taught at Cozy Valley Elementary during the 1999-2000 school term, isn't the one teaching 4th grade.
  2. The two teachers who were hired directly out of college are Daniel and the new 3rd grade teacher.
  3. Reader isn't the one who was attending Ocean City University last year.
  4. The four new staff members are Jennifer, Smart, the new 2nd grade teacher, and the teacher who comes to Summerset Elementary from Winterhaven Elementary School.
  5. Luisa and Albright have rooms next to each other.
  6. The new 1st grade teacher, who isn't Daniel, isn't the transfer from Winterhaven Elementary.
  7. Reader, who isn't Jennifer, isn't the new 4th grade teacher.

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