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Logic Puzzle # 53 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Logic Problems

By clues 1, 4, and 7, respectively, Ms. McCarthy's, Ms. Baldwin's, and Ms. Kennedy's Logic Problems have 2, 3, and 4 stars, in some order. By clue 9, Ms. McCarthy's logic puzzle doesn't have 4 stars. If Ms. Baldwin's LP is rated 4 stars, then Virginia's would have 5 stars (4). Since Ms. McCarthy's (1) and Ms. Kennedy's (7) logic puzzles would then have 3 and 2 stars, or vice versa, "Grandma's Pickles" in clue 1 and "Dolphins" in clue 7 would have 2 and 1 stars, or vice versa--so "Space Carnival" in clue 4 would be a 3-star Logic Problem. If Julie in clue 1 had then contributed the 3-star "Space Carnival," Ms. McCarthy would have done the 2-star LP and, by elimination, Ms. Kennedy in clue 7 would be Julie--no (5). So, if Ms. Baldwin's is the 4 star one of the Logic Problems, Mary Ann would have done the 3 star and Ms. Kennedy the 2 star, with "Dolphins" being the easiest of the five puzzles (7). Then by clue 1, Julie would be Ms. Baldwin, Mary Ann would be Ms. McCarthy, and Ms. Kennedy would have authored "Grandma's Pickles." However, neither Ms. Baldwin (2) nor Virginia (8) constructed "The Captain's Table," so this arrangement fails. Therefore, Ms. Kennedy has the 4-star Logic Problem in this month's Bell Official. Mary Ann is contributor of the 5-star challenger (7). Since Julie isn't Ms. Kennedy (5), by clue 1, Julie's logic puzzle has a 3-star difficulty rating, followed by Ms. McCarthy's at 2 and "Grandma's Pickles" at 1. By clue 4, Virginia is Ms. Kennedy, Ms. Baldwin is Julie, and Ms. McCarthy constructed "Space Carnival." "Dolphins" is the 3 star Logic Problem (7). Mary Ann contributed "The Captain's Table" and Virginia "New Curtains" (8). Mary Ann is Ms. Spence (6), and Ms. Rosenthal has the 1-star logic puzzle. Ms. Rosenthal is Diane and Evelyn McCarthy (3). So, the five Logic Problems in this month's Bell Official are

  • - Mary Ann Spence, "The Captain's Table"
  • - Virginia Kennedy, "New Curtains"
  • - Julie Baldwin, "Dolphins"
  • - Evelyn McCarthy, "Space Carnival"
  • - Diane Rosenthal, "Grandma's Pickles" Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.