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 Logic Puzzle # 53 Logic Problems Help  

Logic Problems
by Randall L. Whipkey

This month's issue of Bell Official Crossword Puzzles contains Logic Problems by Diane and four other veteran logic puzzle constructors. Each puzzle, including the one entitled "New Curtains," has a different difficulty rating from to (with being the most difficult). Can you solve the "Logic Problems" Logic Problem by determining each Bell Official contributor's full name, the title of her logic puzzle, and how many s difficult the magazine's editors rate it?

  1. Julie's Logic Problem is more difficult than Ms. McCarthy's, while Ms. McCarthy's puzzle is harder than "Grandma's Pickles."
  2. Ms. Baldwin isn't the constructor of "The Captain's Table."
  3. Evelyn and Ms. Rosenthal have contributed logic puzzles to Bell Official Crossword Puzzles for over 20 years.
  4. "Space Carnival" merits fewer s than Ms. Baldwin's Logic Problem, which gets fewer s than the one by Virginia.
  5. Julie and Ms. Kennedy also trial test logic puzzles for the magazine.
  6. Ms. Spence isn't the author of "Grandma's Pickles."
  7. Ms. Kennedy's puzzle is easier than Mary Ann's but harder than "Dolphins" (in which Dan Marino actually does make an appearance).
  8. "The Captain's Table" isn't Virginia's Logic Problem.
  9. Ms. McCarthy's puzzle isn't the one.

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