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Logic Puzzle # 52 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:

By clue 2, Nikola and Ms. Craig are the two of the five who got their pieces of pie a la mode; while by clue 6, Ms. Bryant and the friend who ordered Chocolate Creme pie are two of the three who got theirs plain. Therefore, between the two clues, all five pie-eating friends are named: Nikola (a la mode), Ms. Craig (a la mode), Ms. Bryant (plain), the Chocolate Creme devotee (plain), and (plain). Jan isn't Ms. Craig (9) and therefore had her pie plain. In clue 4, then, Ms. Andrews had pie a la mode and must be Nikola; and the Dutch Apple pie a la mode was ordered by Ms. Craig. Ms. Ellsworth didn't order the Chocolate Creme pie (1); Ms. Downs did, and Ms. Ellsworth is the third of the three to have her pie without ice cream. Neither Ms. Ellsworth (1) nor Nikola Andrews (5) chose Lemon Meringue; Ms Bryant did. Marcie isn't Ms. Downs (3), Ms. Ellsworth, or Ms. Craig (8) and is Ms. Bryant. Kerrie isn't Ms. Downs (3). Since Kerrie didn't order the Egg Custard or Blackberry pie (7) and Ms. Ellsworth had one of those two, Kerrie isn't Ms. Ellsworth; Kerrie is Ms. Craig. By clue 9, Jan didn't order the Chocolate Creme and is thus Ms. Ellsworth; and Lisa is Downs. Jan ordered Egg Custard (9) and Nikola Blackberry. The five friends enjoyed their after-work desserts as follows:

  • Nikola Andrews, Blackberry
  • Marcie Bryant, Lemon Meringue
  • Kerrie Craig, Dutch Apple
  • Lisa Downs, Chocolate Creme
  • Jan Ellsworth, Egg Custard Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.