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Logic Puzzle # 51 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Stand-Ups For Kids

Neither Jerry (clue 1), Rosie (2), nor Chris (7) went on the Kid-A-Thon 1st, so either Tim or Vanna did. If Tim had done his stand-up routine 1st, then the comedian from the Stand-Up On Stage would have been 2nd on the telethon (12). Since Rosie didn't do her routine in order after Tim (2) but did immediately precede the stand-up comedian who did the routine on the "Running for President" (9), Rosie would have been 3rd or 4th on the program if Tim were 1st. If Rosie had been 3rd and the one who did jokes about "Running for President" 4th (9), by clue 3, the comedian from the Ho-Ho House would have been on 3rd or later; and then by clue 3, since Burns didn't do the "President" routine (13), Burns would have appeared 5th. By clue 4, Vanna would have been 2nd on the telethon and would be the stand-up comedian sponsored by the Stand-Up On Stage--a conflict with clue 8. So, Tim appearing 1st and Rosie 3rd fails. If Tim had been on 1st and Rosie 4th, by clue 9, the comedian with the "President" jokes would have been 5th on Kid-A-Thon. By clues 3 and 13, again, Burns would be Rosie rather than the "President" comic. By clue 4, Vanna would have been on 2nd and would be from the Stand-Up On Stage--no (8). Therefore, Tim wasn't 1st on the show; Vanna was. Comedian Winters was 2nd on the telethon (4). By clue 12, Tim was 3rd or 4th to tell jokes. If he were 4th, with the one from the Stand-Up On Stage 5th (12), since Tim isn't Caesar (6), by clue 1, Vanna would be Caesar and Jerry Winters, contradicting clue 11. Tim did the 3rd stand-up routine, with the comedian from the Stand-Up On Stage being 4th (12) on the Kid-A-Thon. Rosie wasn't 4th (2) or 5th (9) on stage; she was 2nd to appear, with Tim doing his "Running for President" set 3rd (9). Since Tim isn't Caesar (6), by clue 1, Caesar was 4th on the program and Jerry 5th. By elimination, Caesar is Chris. The comedian from the Comedy Cafe is Tim (7). Since Burns isn't "President" comedian Tim (13), by clue 3, Burns is Jerry. Vanna is Gleason (8) and Tim Lewis. By clue 3, Vanna's routine was about being "Hopeless at Home," and Rosie's sponsor was the Ho-Ho House. By clue 5, Chris did jokes about "Flying" and Jerry about "Man Vs. Woman." By elimination, Rosie's set featured jokes about "Money, Money." Finally, Vanna Gleason's sponsor was the Laughs Lounge and Jerry's the Funny Bone Bistro (10). The five stand-up comedians stood up for Children's Hospital on the Kid-A-Thon in order

  • 1st - Vanna Gleason, Laughs Lounge, "Hopeless at Home"
  • 2nd - Rosie Winters, Ho-Ho House, "Money, Money"
  • 3rd - Tim Lewis, Comedy Cafe, "Running for President"
  • 4th - Chris Caesar, Stand-Up On Stage, "Flying"
  • 5th - Jerry Burns, Funny Bone Bistro, "Man Vs. Woman" Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.