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Stand-Ups For Kids
by Randall L. Whipkey

During this past weekend's Kid-A-Thon on WSUM-TV, five stand-up comedians helped raise funds for Children's Hospital by doing comedy routines on the telethon. Each of the five was sponsored by a different local comedy venue--one by the Laughs Lounge--and each did a different topical routine, with one joking about "Money, Money." Given the comedy bill below, you should be able to solve this Logic Puzzle--the order in which the five appeared on the Kid-A-Thon, each comedian's full name, the comedy club he or she represented, and the routine he or she did as a Stand-Up for Kids.

  1. Caesar appeared on the telethon immediately before Jerry did.
  2. Rosie, who wasn't the one who followed Tim's very tough act to follow, didn't do her stand-up routine first on the program.
  3. The comedian who joked about being "Hopeless at Home" was on the Kid-A-Thon earlier than the one sponsored by the Ho-Ho House, while the latter appeared earlier than Burns.
  4. Winters' routine immediately followed Vanna's on the program.
  5. One stand-up's classic "Flying" routine immediately preceded another's "Man Vs. Woman" on the telethon.
  6. Tim and Caesar frequently write jokes for each other.
  7. The comedian sponsored by the Comedy Cafe appeared immediately ahead of Chris on the Kid-A-Thon.
  8. Vanna, who isn't Lewis, and the comedian representing the Stand-Up On Stage incorporate funny voices in their acts.
  9. The stand-up comic who did the "Running for President" routine was on stage immediately after Rosie.
  10. The venue that sponsored Gleason and the Funny Bone Bistro each donated $2,500 to Children's Hospital in honor of their comedic stars.
  11. Jerry and Winters answered the phones after doing their telethon routines.
  12. Tim was on immediately ahead of the Stand-Up On Stage comedian, who wasn't the one who was third to appear on the program.
  13. Burns' routine wasn't the "Running for President" one.

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