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Logic Puzzle # 50 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Her First Kiss

All "Five in the Suburbs" are named in clue 12: Karen, Ms. Edmonds, the one who kissed Randy Freeman, and the ones whose first kisses were in a canoe on Lake Winnebago and playing spin-the-bottle at a birthday party. By clue 7, Winifred's first kiss wasn't at the drive-in movie; nor by clue 11 was her first kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel at the county fair or in the instrument room behind the high school auditorium stage. Therefore, Winifred in clue 12 either kissed in the canoe or at the party. Her first kiss then wasn't with Randy Freeman (12). Her first kiss also wasn't with David Gold, Jeff Young (2), or Thad Hay (7); it was with Bobby Smith. By clue 1, Ms. Ingram's first kiss wasn't at the drive-in or in the band room; nor was it on the Ferris wheel (4); in clue 12, therefore, Ms. Ingram's first kiss was in the canoe or at the party. Since she didn't kiss Bobby Smith (10), Ms. Ingram isn't Winifred. Thus, Winifred and Ms. Ingram had their first kisses in the canoe and at the party or vice versa. Since Linda isn't Ms. Ingram (4), in clue 12, she didn't have the kiss in the canoe or at the party; since she isn't Ms. Edmonds (8), in clue 12 Linda must be the one whose first kiss was with Randy Freeman. Since Pam isn't Ms. Ingram (6), she must be Ms. Edmonds in clue 12. By elimination, Ms. Ingram is Vicki. By clue 3, Vicki Ingram's first kiss was at the birthday party. Winifred's with Bobby Smith was in the canoe on Lake Winnebago. Pam Edmonds's first kiss wasn't in the band room (6) or at the drive-in (14); it was on top the Ferris wheel. Pam's first kiss wasn't with David Gold (9) or Thad Hay (13) and was with Jeff Young. By clue 8, Linda isn't Ms. Arnold, nor is she Ms. Cooper (15); she is Ms. Millwood. Winifred is Ms. Cooper and Karen Arnold (5). By clue 5, Karen Arnold's first kiss was at the drive-in; Linda's was in the band room. Karen's kiss wasn't with Thad Hay (7); she kissed David Gold, and Vicki kissed Thad Hay. The "Five in the Suburbs" characters confessed to their first kisses as follows:

  • Karen Arnold, David Gold at the drive-in movie
  • Winifred Cooper, Bobby Smith in a canoe on Lake Winnebago
  • Pam Edmonds, Jeff Young on a Ferris wheel at the county fair
  • Vicki Ingram, Thad Hay playing spin-the-bottle at a party
  • Linda Millwood, Randy Freeman in the school band room Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.