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Her First Kiss
by Randall L. Whipkey

On last week's episode of the television hit "Five in the Suburbs," each of the five characters on the show recalled the first time she kissed a boy; the program then showed a flashback to the scene of her first kiss, with the actress who stars as the adult character portraying her character as a teenager. From the script below,can you solve the Logic Puzzle of each character's full name (one last name is Millwood), the name of the boy she kissed, and where that event took place?

  1. Ms. Ingram isn't the character whose first kiss at the drive-in movie came at the moment Jason claimed another "Friday the 13th" victim nor the character whose first kiss was encumbered by tangled trombones in the band instrument room behind the high school auditorium stage.
  2. Winifred isn't the one who confessed to sharing her first kiss with David Gold nor the one who described her comedic first kiss with Jeff Young.
  3. Vicki isn't the character whose first kiss in a canoe in the middle of Lake Winnebago ended with a double splash into very cold water.
  4. Neither Linda nor Ms. Ingram is the character whose first kiss came at the top of a stuck Ferris wheel at the county fair, a kiss interrupted by the local fire company coming to the rescue.
  5. Ms. Arnold's first kiss wasn't in the canoe or in the band room at school.
  6. Pam, who isn't Ms. Ingram, didn't have her first kiss in the band instrument room.
  7. Both Winifred and the character whose first kiss was at the drive-in admitted to once kissing Thad Hay, but each said he wasn't the first boy she kissed.
  8. The three actresses who play Linda, Ms. Arnold, and Ms. Edmonds shared their own real-life first kiss experiences with each other between takes.
  9. David Gold's kiss with one of the five wasn't the one at the top of the Ferris wheel.
  10. Ms. Ingram isn't the character who talked about her first kiss with a very shy Bobby Smith.
  11. Winifred's first kiss didn't happen on the Ferris wheel or in the band room.
  12. The "Five in the Suburbs" characters are Karen, Ms. Edmonds, the one whose first kiss was with Randy Freeman, the one who had her first kiss in the canoe on Lake Winnebago, and the one whose first kiss at a birthday party playing spin-the-bottle came from the boy next to the one she really wanted to kiss.
  13. Pam's first kiss wasn't with Thad Hay, although she confessed to once kissing him.
  14. Ms. Edmonds's first kiss wasn't at the drive-in movie.
  15. Ms. Cooper didn't have her first kiss with Randy Freeman.

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