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Logic Puzzle # 49 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:

Neither Elise (clue 2), Jasmine (5), Rob (6), nor Chad (7) won the Summerset High "Survivor," so either Heather or Sean did. Neither Woods(2), Raines (5), Palmer (6), nor Beach (7) won the game, so either Sanders or Cloud did. However, since Sanders isn't Heather or Sean (8), one of whom won, Sanders isn't the S. H. S. "Survivor" either. Cloud was last on the "island." By clue 6, Rob, the one voted off immediately after the Caveman's Club contest, and Palmer were voted off in order either 1-2-3, 2-3-4, or 3-4-5. If they were voted off 1-2-3, with Rob off first, Caveman's Club the 2nd contest, and Palmer off 3rd, by clue 5, Jasmine Raines, who was voted off immediately after winning the Firestarter contest but wasn't one of the last two on the "island," would have been 4th off. Chad isn't Palmer (3), so by clue 7, Chad would be 2nd off and Rob would have to be Beach--no (1). If the three in clue 6 were voted off 2-3-4, with Rob 2nd off, Caveman's Club the 3rd event, and Palmer off 4th, by clue 5, Jasmine Raines would have been 1st off after winning Firestarter. Again, however, since Chad isn't Palmer (3), by clue 7, Chad would be the 3rd one voted off the "island," and Rob would be Beach--no (1). Therefore, the three in clue 6 were voted off 3-4-5, with Rob 3rd off the "island," Caveman's Club the 4th contest, and Palmer the last one to go. By clue 10, Elise survived at least two rounds of voting, but by clue 2, Elise didn't make it to the 5th vote. Elise was 4th out of the "Survivor" game. By clue 2, then, the RAT-atouille dish was the 5th-round meal. Neither Rob (1) nor Chad (7) is Beach, so Elise is. Chad isn't Woods (3), so Rob is; and Chad is Sanders. Chad Sanders wasn't 1st off the "island" (4); he was 2nd to be voted off, and Jasmine Raines was 1st to go even after winning the initial contest, Firestarter (5). By clue 4, the first "Survivor" meal was gummy worms. By clue 7, Totem Hold'em was the 5th game. Frog Scramble was the 3rd contest (4), and Narrow Bridge the 2nd. By clue 10, the seaweed a la spinach was the 3rd meal. By clue 9, the 2nd meal was coconut Mounds and the 4th raw Goldfish. Heather is "Survivor" Cloud and Sean is runner-up Palmer (11). The "Survivor" meals and contests and when the competitors were voted off the island is as follows:

  • 1st - gummy worms & Firestarter, Jasmine Raines off
  • 2nd - coconut Mounds & Narrow Bridge, Chad Sanders off
  • 3rd - seaweed a la spinach & Frog Scramble, Rob Woods off
  • 4th - raw Goldfish & Caveman's Club, Elise Beach off
  • 5th - RAT-atouille & Totem Hold'em, Sean Palmer off
  • "Survivor" - Heather Cloud Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.