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 Logic Puzzle # 49 Logic Problems Help  

by Randall L. Whipkey

To kick off the new school year and raise funds for their 2000-01 theater season, the Summerset High Drama Club staged their own production of the popular TV program "Survivor." Six S. H. S. seniors started the competition on Summerset Island, a set built by Drama Club members in the school gym, and one was banished from the "island" after each of five rounds by vote of the student audience. Before the vote after each round, the participants had a meal and competed in a game to help the voters decide who should be a "Survivor." From the log below, you should be able to survive this Logic Puzzle and determine the meal and contest in each of the five rounds, who was exiled from Summerset Island after each round, and who is the S. H. S. "Survivor."

  1. Rob and Beach are president and vice president of the S. H. S. Student Council.
  2. When the remaining survivors ate RAT-atouille, Elise and Woods had already been banished from the "island."
  3. At one point in the competition, Chad pleaded with the audience to exile either Palmer or Woods instead of him.
  4. Sanders actually enjoyed the gummy worms and wasn't voted off after the round in which the worms were the meal, but Sanders didn't survive long enough to play Frog Scramble, where the survivors tried to catch a dozen hoppers from the school biology lab while wearing oven mitts.
  5. Even though Jasmine Raines won the Firestarter game, she was voted off the "island" at the end of the round with that contest in it. Firestarter wasn't the 5th-round contest of S. H. S. "Survivor."
  6. These three students were voted off Summerset Island consecutively first-last: Rob, the one banished immediately after the game of Caveman's Club (where survivors smashed each other with foam clubs) was played, and Palmer.
  7. Neither Chad nor Beach survived to the round where the remaining competitors held on to a pole carved from ice in Totem Hold'em.
  8. Heather, Sean, and Sanders, as Drama Club members, helped build the Summerset Island "Survivor" set.
  9. The coconut Mounds meal was in an earlier round than the raw Goldfish (the baked, box kind) meal was.
  10. Elise choked down the meal of seaweed a la spinach in one round and quickly conquered the Narrow Bridge (tiptoeing across the gym's balance beam) in another without being banished from the "island."
  11. Sean and Cloud watched every episode of the CBS television hit show and thought they were best qualified to be the S. H. S. "Survivor."

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