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Logic Puzzle # 48 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
"Wish You Were Here"

By clue 2, Tom and Teresa Tourbus sent postcards on consecutive days of the Japanese Tea Garden, to Tom's office, and to Tom's brother Ted; and by clue 5, they sent postcards on consecutive days of Fisherman's Wharf, to Teresa's sister Tamara, and of Alcatraz. The only possible overlaps between the clues would necessitate Tom's brother Ted getting the Fisherman's Wharf postcard--no (7)--or Teresa's sister Tamara receiving the postcard of the Japanese Tea Garden and Tom's office getting the Alcatraz shot--perhaps appropriate, but no (11). So, all six days' sight-seeing and postcards are encompassed in clues 2 and 5. If the three in clue 5 were on Sunday-Tuesday and those in clue 2 Wednesday-Friday, the order would be the postcard of Fisherman's Wharf, the one to Teresa's sister Tamara, the shot of Alcatraz, the picture of the Japanese Tea Garden, the postcard to Tom's office, and the card to Tom's brother Ted. By clues 1 and 10, then, the Tourbuses would have mailed their son Terry a postcard on Monday from Fisherman's Wharf and would have sent postcards on Tuesday and Wednesday, or vice versa, to their daughter Tanya and their neighbors the Wilsons. However, the latter two recipients did not receive cards sent on consecutive days (9). Therefore, Tom and Teresa sent a postcard of the Japanese Tea Garden on Sunday, to Tom's office on Monday, to Tom's brother Ted on Tuesday (2), of Fisherman's Wharf on Wednesday, to Teresa's sister Tamara on Thursday, and of Alcatraz on Friday. The postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge wasn't mailed Tuesday (4) or to Teresa's sister Tamara (8) on Thursday, so it went to Tom's office on Monday. By clue 6, the Tourbuses didn't send the Lombard St. picture on Thursday; they mailed it on Tuesday and Thursday sent a picture of the cable car they rode to Tamara. Neither daughter Tanya (3) nor son Terry (10) got Wednesday's postcard, so the Tourbuses neighbors the Wilsons did. By clue 1, Terry got Monday's postcard of the Japanese Tea Garden, while Tanya got the Alcatraz postcard mailed Friday. Tom and Teresa Tourbus sent their six San Francisco postcards in order

  • Sun. - Japanese Tea Garden to son Terry
  • Mon. - Golden Gate Bridge to Tom's office
  • Tue. - Lombard St. to brother Ted
  • Wed. - Fisherman's Wharf to neighbors the Wilsons
  • Thu. - Powell-Mason Cable Car to sister Tamara
  • Fri. - Alcatraz to daughter Tanya Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.