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Logic Puzzle # 47 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Empty Nest

By clue 3, Tara isn't the Robbins child who is in graduate school; nor is Kristin (7) or Ian (10). Either Brad or Jennifer is studying for a master's degree. Since neither Jennifer (1) nor Brad (5) is at Ocean City A.& M., in clue 7, Kristin can only be a junior at most. Similarly, since neither Jennifer (1) nor Brad (5) is majoring in computer science, in clue 10, Ian also can only be at most a junior. By clue 3, Tara also can be at most a junior. Therefore, the other of Jennifer and Brad who isn't in grad school must be a senior. Since neither Jennifer (1) nor Brad (5) is at Ocean City A. & M., in clue 7, Kristin must be a sophomore or freshman. By clue 11, she is a college sophomore. Similarly, since neither Jennifer (1) nor Brad (5) is a computer science major, Ian is then a freshman (10). By elimination, Tara is a junior. Since the student at Maryland State isn't a senior (9), by clue 3, the Maryland State student is in graduate school and the one studying drama is a senior. By clues 1, 5, and 7, Tara attends Ocean City A. & M. Neither Jennifer (12) nor Brad (14) is a student at Winterhaven University, so either Kristin or Ian is. If Kristin were at Winterhaven, by clue 2, the senior would be at Summerset Tech and Tara would be a math major. Ian would be starting Emily Dickinson College and wouldn't be a business major (13), nor is he a physics major (4). Ian would be studying computer science--no (10). So, Ian rather than Kristin is starting at Winterhaven University. He isn't majoring in mathematics (8); so, by clue 2, Tara is the math major and the drama senior attends Summerset Tech. By elimination, Kristin is a student at Emily Dickinson College. By clues 1, 5, and 10, Kristin is taking computer science courses. Ian is a business major (4), and the grad student is preparing for a master's in physics. The latter is Brad (6); Jennifer is the drama major. In sum, the Robbins children have given their parents "empty nest" syndrome as follows:

  • Master's - Brad in physics at Maryland State
  • Senior - Jennifer in drama at Summerset Tech
  • Junior - Tara in mathematics at Ocean City A. & M.
  • Sophomore - Kristin in computer science at Emily Dickinson College
  • Freshman - Ian in business at Winterhaven University Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.