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Empty Nest
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last week, Rose and Ron Robbins packed all five of their children off to different institutions of higher learning and found out the meaning of "empty nest" syndrome: the peaceful bliss of a house all for themselves. The five Robbins kids are a year apart in school, from the oldest who is studying for a master's degree in grad school down through senior, junior, and sophomore to the new freshman; and all have progressed normally since entering college. Each is majoring in a different subject. Given the schedule below, you should be able to solve the Logic Puzzle of how the young Robbinses "flew the nest": each's year in school and major and where he or she attends college.

  1. Jennifer, who isn't studying computer science, isn't the Robbins child at Ocean City A. & M.
  2. The mathematics major is one year behind the student at Summerset Tech.
  3. While still in high school, Tara kept her dad company when he drove to pick up her sibling studying drama and the one at Maryland State for Christmas vacation.
  4. The one majoring in physics isn't the freshman.
  5. Brad, who doesn't attend Ocean City A. & M., isn't the computer science major.
  6. Jennifer's major isn't physics.
  7. When the Ocean City A. & M. student first went away to school, Kristin--then not yet college age--moved into the person's room in the Robbins' house.
  8. The mathematics student isn't the one at Winterhaven University.
  9. The Maryland State student isn't the senior.
  10. When the computer science major left for college for the first time, Ian, who wasn't yet in college, helped pack the car.
  11. Kristin isn't the freshman Robbins.
  12. Jennifer isn't at Winterhaven University.
  13. The Robbins at Emily Dickinson College isn't the one majoring in business.
  14. Brad isn't studying at Winterhaven U.

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