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Logic Puzzle # 46 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
"You'll Bat Better with Clavicle's Chiropractic"

By clue 4, either Glover or the first baseman is the spokesman for Alvin's Autos. If Glover endorsed Alvin's Autos, the first baseman would be the second Smasher with a TV ad and Ball would be the third (6). By clue 5, then, Walker pitches Piper's Plumbing and would either be the first baseman or the fourth to endorse a local company on television. If Walker were the first baseman, by clue 2, Ball would endorse Moo's Milk; and Striker would be in Clavicle's Chiropractic ads, which he isn't (7). If Walker were the fourth Smasher on TV, again by clue 2, Ball would endorse Moo's Milk and Striker Clavicle's Chiropractic, contradicting clue 7 as well. So, in clue 4, the first baseman is spokesman for Alvin's Autos, and Glover has another sponsor. By clue 5, the third Smasher with an ad is Walker, for Piper's Plumbing. Since Ball isn't the first baseman (6), Striker is; and Ball is the fourth Smasher pitchman. Ball does ads for Moo's Milk (2), and Glover for Clavicle's Chiropractic. B. J. isn't Ball, Glover (2), or Walker (5) and is Striker. Mickey isn't Ball (1) or Glover (8); he is Walker. Mickey Walker isn't the catcher (1) or shortstop (9) and is thus a pitcher. Moo's Milk man Ball doesn't catch (1); Ball is the shortstop, and Glover plays catcher. By clue 3, Ken is Glover and Calvin Ball. The four Summerset Smashers appear in local TV ads as follows:

  • Calvin Ball, SS, Moo's Milk
  • Ken Glover, C, Clavicle's Chiropractic
  • B. J. Striker, 1B, Alvin's Autos
  • Mickey Walker, P, Piper's Plumbing Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.