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 Logic Puzzle # 46 Logic Problems Help  

"You'll Bat Better with Clavicle's Chiropractic"
by Randall L. Whipkey

This season, Calvin and three other Summerset Smashers stars appear as spokesmen in local TV commercials for businesses in the Bi-State region. Each of the four plays a different position for the baseball team--one is a pitcher--and endorses a different product. From the CRpuzzles Logic Problem scorecard below, you should be able to find each player's full name and position and the television sponsor in whose ads he appears.

  1. Neither Mickey nor the catcher is the Smasher who is featured with a milk mustache in commercials for Moo's Milk.
  2. B. J. and Ball both declined offers to be spokesman for Clavicle's Chiropractic.
  3. Ken and the shortstop donate 10% of their fees from the TV spots to the Summerset Little League.
  4. Alvin's Autos auditioned both Glover and the first baseman before putting one of them behind the wheel as company spokesman.
  5. Walker, who isn't B. J., peeks out from under a sink in ads for Piper's Plumbing.
  6. Ball and the first baseman have the same agent to thank for their endorsement jobs.
  7. Fellow Smasher Striker jokes about "lying down on the job" with the player who does commercials for Clavicle's Chiropractic.
  8. Mickey and teammate Glover also are heard in radio ads for their sponsors.
  9. Walker and the shortstop do television spots for the Smashers baseball club.

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