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"The Simpletons" Reruns
by Randall L. Whipkey

In this week's reruns of "The Simpletons" on channel 98, actor Arnold Schwarzorwhatever and four other stars from the entertainment world play "guest voices." Each "appears" on a different show Monday-Friday, and each stars as a different Summerfield character, one as Fitness Guru Richard Slimmings. From the Logic Puzzles "TV Guide" we run by below, can you find each Monday-Friday episode's "guest star" and the character he speaks for on "The Simpletons"?

  1. Actor Kevin Costly does his "guest voice" in the rerun airing the evening before another celebrity plays Police Officer Andy Hippohips; the latter show isn't on Friday.
  2. The character of Psychiatrist Frasier Brain isn't in Monday's rerun, but he appears in an earlier program than the character voiced by media king Howard Scorned.
  3. Comic Jerry Sighfilled's episode is scheduled one evening before the episode where Attorney Alley Bigdeal is voiced by another star.
  4. Vice President Al Bore's guest shot, which isn't in Thursday's rerun, is one evening before Assistant Mayor Mike Flirty's voice makes his "appearance."
  5. Kevin Costly isn't the voice for either Attorney Alley Bigdeal or Assistant Mayor Mike Flirty.
  6. Neither Vice President Al Bore nor comic Jerry Sighfilled plays Police Officer Andy Hippohips.

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