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Logic Puzzle # 44 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Flip Feelgreat, Personal Trainer

There must be some overlap between clues 3--where three consecutive sessions are with John, Castillo, and on the 3rd floor--and clue 8, where three appointments in a row are with Mizner, on the 2nd floor, and with Ben. Three possible overlaps exist: John is Mizner (complete overlap), John has his office on floor 2, or Mizner has the 3rd-floor office. Trying the first possibility, combining clues 3 and 8, John would be Mizner, Castillo's office would be on the 2nd floor, and Ben would have an office on the 3rd. By clue 1, the pattern of floor changes for Flip going from appointment to appointment is down from 2:00 to 2::45, then up, down, up. John Mizner's office must then be above Castillo's on the 4th (no, 6) or 5th (no, 11) floor--so possibility one fails. Trying the second possibility, combining clues 3 and 8, Mizner's session with Flip would be followed by John's on floor 2, Ben Castillo's, and the one on the 3rd floor. Again, because of clue 1, Ben's session would have to be on the 1st floor. But there is then no way for Mizner's session to work, since Flip would have to go down stairs twice in a row--so possibility two fails. Combining clues 3 and 8, John has the 2:00 session, Castillo's is at 2:45, Mizner's is at 3:30 on floor 3, the 4:15 appointment is on the 2nd floor, and Ben has the 5:00 training session. By clue 1, Castillo must have an office on the 1st floor. Since John's office isn't on the 5th floor (11), Ben's is, and John is on floor 4. By clue 7, Wilcox has an office one floor above Lisa. If John were Wilcox, Lisa would be Mizner, which she isn't (2), so Wilcox has the 2nd floor office and Lisa the 1st. Ben is Bogart and John Abramovitz (4). John is an attorney (5). Lisa isn't a public relations manager (2), private investigator (10), or theatrical agent (12); she is an accountant. By clue 12, Mizner is the theatrical agent and Tammy Wilcox. Mizner is Frank. Finally, Ben Bogart is a private eye and Tammy Wilcox a public relations manager (9). Flip Feelgreat's schedule for Tuesdays in the Summerset Building is

  • 2:00 - John Abramovitz, attorney, 4th floor
  • 2:45 - Lisa Castillo, accountant, 1st floor
  • 3:30 - Frank Mizner, theatrical agent, 3rd floor
  • 4:15 - Tammy Wilcox, public relations manager, 2nd floor
  • 5:00 - Ben Bogart, private investigator, 5th floor Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.