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 Logic Puzzle # 44 Logic Problems Help  

Flip Feelgreat, Personal Trainer
by Randall L. Whipkey

Personal trainer Flip Feelgreat has a full but easy schedule on Tuesday afternoons: he holds training sessions with five clients, including an attorney, in the Summerset Building. He sees each at the same time every Tuesday, the first at 2:00 with the rest following consecutively at 45 min. intervals. Flip trains his clients, one of whom is Frank, in their offices, which are on different floors, 1st-5th, of the building. Given the information below, you should be able to complete this Logic Puzzle by determining Flip's Tuesday afternoon schedule: the time he trains each client, the client's full name and occupation, and the floor on which he or she has an office in the building.

  1. From his 2:00 to 2:45 appointment, Flip goes down the stairs in the building to meet his next client; for the remaining sessions, he then goes up, down, and up for the appointments.
  2. Lisa, who isn't Mizner, isn't the public relations manager.
  3. Flip trains these three clients in consecutive order: John, then Castillo, and then the person who has the 3rd-floor office.
  4. Ben and Abramovitz were Flip's first two trainees.
  5. Flip trains Bogart one floor above where he works with the attorney.
  6. Mizner's office isn't the 4th-floor one.
  7. Lisa has her office one floor below where Wilcox's is.
  8. In three straight sessions, Flip works with Mizner, has an appointment on the 2nd floor, and trains Ben.
  9. The public relations manager's office isn't on the 5th floor.
  10. The private investigator isn't Flip's 2:45 trainee.
  11. John's office isn't on the 5th floor.
  12. The theatrical agent, who isn't Castillo, has an earlier session with Flip than Tammy does.

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