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Logic Puzzle # 42 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
At the Fair: "The Other White Meat"

Neither John, Carrie (clue 2), Beth (2, 6), nor Andy (10) is West, so Daniel is. By clue 10, Daniel West finished in the top three in the judging; he placed 2nd or 3rd (5). Neither Beth (1) nor Andy (10) had the 1st prize hog, so John or Carrie did. Neither of them sold to Buck's BBQ (12), so Buck's BBQ didn't buy the 1st-place hog. In clue 5, then, Daniel West won the 3rd premium, and Buck's BBQ bought the runner-up hog. By clue 10, Andy won 4th prize, and Summerset Meat Market purchased the 5th-place porker. By clue 1, then, Beth raised the 2nd-place hog, Trudeau raised the blue-ribbon winner, and Daniel West raised Rumpus. Trudeau is John (7), and Carrie sold her hog to Summerset Meat Market. Carrie isn't the Miller youth (13), so Andy is (5). By clue 3, Beth raised Walter, and Daniel sold Rumpus to Penrose Pork Products, Inc. Beth's surname is Proctor and Carrie's Van Kamp (9). Since Mr. Piggy wasn't sold to Ma's Kettle Restaurant or the Tip Top Superette (11), he became pork loin at Summerset Meat Market. Then Bosephus was judged the 1st-place hog in the 4H division at this year's Summerset County Fair (4), and Tiny won the 4th premium. Tiny went to the kitchen of Ma's Kettle (8), and the Tip Top Superette had the honor of buying blue-ribboned Bosephus. The top five premiums for best hog were awarded as follows:

  • 1st -- John Trudeau, Bosephus, Tip Top Superette
  • 2nd -- Beth Proctor, Walter, Buck's BBQ
  • 3rd -- Daniel West, Rumpus, Penrose Pork Products, Inc.
  • 4th -- Andy Miller, Tiny, Ma's Kettle Restaurant
  • 5th -- Carrie Van Kamp, Mr. Piggy, Summerset Meat Market Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.