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 Logic Puzzle # 41 Logic Problems Help  

New Previously-Owned Videos
by Randall L. Whipkey

At yesterday's Summerset Flea Market, Ray Ebert bought each of his four children a previously-owned video of his or her choice. Each child picked a different movie to buy, and each film cost Mr. Ebert a different amount of money. Can you solve the Logic Puzzle of the movie each child chose and how much it cost his or her dad?

  1. Chad's new video cost $2.00 more than The Neverending Story.
  2. Sean isn't the Ebert child who picked Tom Hanks in Big.
  3. The previously-owned copy of Goonies cost $4.00 more than Alexis' purchase; Alexis spent the least of the four on her video.
  4. The Princess Bride cost half as much to buy as the movie Darla picked.
  5. The most expensive video cost Mr. Ebert $8.00; he paid $20.00 for all four.

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