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Logic Puzzle # 40 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Food Court Jobs

By clue 5, Heather has a job at the food stand between Big Wally's and the ice cream stand. By clue 1, David's job isn't at the ice cream stand, nor is it at Big Wally's (12); David doesn't work in either stand next to Heather. By clue 9, David has a job at the stand between Le Bon Appetit and the pizza place. If David and Heather had one business between them, then either Big Wally's would be the pizza stand--no (19)--or Le Bon Appetit would sell ice cream--unlikely by its name but definitely no by clue 13. We now test whether Heather and David had two other food court businesses between them. By clue 16, Bob works between Thresher's and the sub shop. Since Heather doesn't work at the sub shop (8) or Thresher's (20), Bob doesn't work next to her. Similarly, since David doesn't make subs (1) and doesn't work at Thresher's (12), Bob doesn't work next to David. So, Bob's place of employment would be to the outside of the Food Court row of Heather's or David's stand. Since Thresher's isn't the pizza place (2) and Le Bon Appetit isn't the sub shop (13), Bob would have to work with at least two stands between him and David--impossible, since that would put Bob in an outside stand and he isn't (16). So, Bob would have to work one stand away from Heather; and since Big Wally's isn't the sub shop (19), Thresher's ice cream would have to be between Heather and Bob. Bob and David would work in the stands next to the outside ones. By clue 3, Perry's Place is between the place where Erin works and the deli. If Heather worked at Perry's Place, Big Wally's would be the deli, which it isn't (7). Because Erin doesn't work at Big Wally's (7), Perry's Place also couldn't be between Big Wally's and where David is employed. If David were at Perry's Place, by clues 3 and 9, Erin would work at the pizza parlor--no (17). Therefore, there is no way for the arrangement of Heather and David with two stands between theirs to work. Now we try three establishments between those where David and Heather are working. Since David isn't making subs (1) and isn't at Thresher's (12), Bob in clue 16 can't be in the stand next to David's; nor can Bob be in a stand to the outside of David's or he would be in an end stand and isn't (16). If Bob were in the stand one apart from both David and Heather, by clues 9 and 16, Thresher's would be a pizza parlor--no (2)--or Le Bon Appetit would be a sub shop--also no (13). By clues 5 and 16, if Bob were next to Heather, Heather would make subs, which she doesn't (8), or she would work at Thresher's, which she doesn't (20). So, Bob would be in the stand two away from Heather's to the outside of Heather's--but this would put David in an outside stand and contradict clue 9. So, the only arrangement that works is that there are four other stands between those where David and Heather are working, putting them in the establishments next to the two outside stands. Again, since neither David (1, 12) nor Heather (8, 20) works at the sub shop or at Thresher's, Bob isn't in a stand next to either of them (16). If Bob were separated from David by one stand, then by clues 9 and 16, Thresher's would serve pizza--no (2)--or Le Bon Appetit would sell subs--also no (13). So, Bob is separated from Heather by one stand; and since Big Wally's isn't a sub shop (19), by clues 5 and 16, Thresher's ice cream is between their employers. Then Big Wally's is in the outside stand next to Heather's (5), and the sub shop is next to Bob's on the other side of Thresher's (16). Since Big Wally's isn't the deli (7), Heather doesn't work at Perry's Place (3), nor does Bob, since he has the ice cream and sub shops on either side of him and not the deli (3). If David were at Perry's Place, Erin would have to work at the pizza parlor (3, 9), which she doesn't (17). Perry's Place isn't the sub shop (6). Perry's Place must be between the sub shop and where David works. Then David works at the deli and Erin at the sub shop (3). By clue 9, Perry's Place is a pizza stand, and Le Bon Appetit is the stand on the outside of the row next to the one where David works. By clue 4, Under the Boardwalk sells fries and is thus where Heather or Bob works. Since Alex works next to Under the Boardwalk (4) and doesn't work at Thresher's Ice Cream (11), Under the Boardwalk must be Heather's work place, and Alex is at fun-loving Big Wally's (11). Since Grace works next to the soup kitchen (10), she is at Thresher's and Bob sells soup. Weiner's must be the deli, and Le Bon Appetit the bakery (14). By elimination, Big Wally's makes hamburgers. Faith works at Le Bon Appetit, and Chad tosses pizzas at Perry's (18). The sub shop is called The Original, and Bob is at the Soup Notzie's (21). Finally, by clue 15, Le Bon Appetit is #8, Weiner's #7, etc., through Big Wally's #1 Food Court. In conclusion, the eight teens work at the Food Court stands as follows:

  • #1 - Alex, Big Wally's Hamburgers
  • #2 - Heather, Under the Boardwalk Fries
  • #3 - Grace, Thresher's Ice Cream
  • #4 - Bob, Soup Notzie's
  • #5 - Erin, The Original Sub Shop
  • #6 - Chad, Perry's Pizza Place
  • #7 - David, Weiner's Deli
  • #8 - Faith, Le Bon Appetit Bakery Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.