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Food Court Jobs
by Randall L. Whipkey

Eight friends at Summerset High recently got jobs at The Food Court at Cozy Valley Mall. Each works for a different one of the eight food stands--one for Notzie's; each establishment offers a different kind of food, with one featuring hamburgers. The eight food stands are in a row along one wall of the Food Court and are numbered #1 through #8 left-to-right as viewed from the tables where customers sit. From the information below, can you solve the Logic Puzzle of who works at each food stand, the type of food it sells, and its location (#1-#8) in the row of Food Court occupants?

  1. David's job is at neither the ice cream nor the sub shop.
  2. Thresher's isn't the Food Court stand selling pizza.
  3. Perry's Place is between, and immediately next to, the deli and the place where Erin is employed.
  4. Under the Boardwalk features French fries; Alex likes working right next to Under the Boardwalk because he gets free fries from the friend who works at Boardwalk.
  5. The stand where Heather works is immediately adjacent to Big Wally's and the ice cream parlor.
  6. Perry's Place isn't the sub shop.
  7. Big Wally's, which isn't where Erin works, and the deli are owned and operated by brothers.
  8. Heather doesn't work in the sub shop.
  9. David works in the food emporium that is directly flanked by Le Bon Appetit and the pizza place.
  10. Grace is employed in the Food Court stand immediately adjacent to the one featuring soups.
  11. Alex isn't the friend scooping ice cream at work.
  12. Neither Big Wally's nor Thresher's hired David, although he applied at both.
  13. Le Bon Appetit doesn't sell the subs or ice cream.
  14. Weiner's and the bakery are next door to each other.
  15. Faith isn't the friend who works at #1 Food Court.
  16. The place employing Bob is immediately adjacent to Thresher's and the sub shop.
  17. Erin isn't the friend who tosses pizzas at work.
  18. Chad's job isn't at Le Bon Appetit.
  19. Big Wally's is neither the sub shop nor the pizza place.
  20. Heather isn't working at Thresher's Food Court stand.
  21. Bob isn't the friend with the job at The Original.

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