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Logic Puzzle # 39 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Kids at Camp

By clue 1, Mrs. Logg-Cabin dropped off Melanie at her camp and then another kid at the soccer camp; by clue 6, Mr. Logg-Cabin transported Lindsay, the child who is at Camp Allegany, and the one who is at horseback riding camp to their three camps. Therefore, all five campers are named between the two clues. Anthony is not at soccer camp (9), so he isn't in clue 1. Since he also isn't at Camp Allegany (9), in clue 6, Anthony is the one at riding camp. Since Bethany rode to camp with her father (3), she is at Camp Allegany (6). Then, by elimination, Timothy is at soccer camp. Camp Allegany isn't the camp with the computer (2) or music (3) theme; it stresses basketball. By clue 10, Lindsay is at music and Melanie at computer camp. Since Mr. Logg-Cabin took one of the kids to Camp See-Qwah-No-Ta (8) and Lindsay isn't at that camp (10), in clue 6, Anthony is at Camp See-Qwah-No-Ta. Neither Timothy (4) nor music student Lindsay (7) is at Camp Friendship, so Melanie is. Finally, by clue 5, Timothy is at Camp Pocomoke and Lindsay at Camp Onondaka. The five Logg-Cabin kids are away at camp as follows:

  • Anthony, horseback riding at Camp See-Qwah-No-Ta
  • Bethany, basketball at Camp Allegany
  • Lindsay, music at Camp Onondaka
  • Melanie, computers at Camp Friendship
  • Timothy, soccer at Camp Pocomoke Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.