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 Logic Puzzle # 37 Logic Problems Help  

"I Think That I Shall Never See ..."
by Randall L. Whipkey

"... a Poem Lovely as a Tree." In celebration of Arbor Day last month, each of the five families who live on the north side of Kilmer Street planted a new ornamental tree in their front yard; one planted an Eastern Redbud. From the plat below, you should be able to solve this Logic Problem by deducing each family's house number (301, 303, 305, 307, and 309 in order west-to-east) and the species of tree they planted.

  1. The Branch house isn't at 309 Kilmer Street.
  2. The Trimmers live immediately next-door to both the Plants and the family who chose a Crape Myrtle for Arbor Day.
  3. The Bradford Pear wasn't planted at 307 Kilmer Street.
  4. The family who live at 303 Kilmer didn't plant the Flowering Dogwood for their front yard.
  5. The Roots are next-door neighbors of the Sapps and the family who picked a River Birch to plant.
  6. The family who planted a Flowering Dogwood aren't the Trimmers.
  7. The Roots' Arbor Day tree wasn't the Crape Myrtle.
  8. The Plants didn't choose the River Birch.

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