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 Logic Puzzle # 36 Logic Problems Help  

The Forgetfuls in France
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last month, the Forgetful family--Fred and Frieda and their children, Frannie and Frankie--delighted in a trip to France that included tours of Paris and its environs. Being Forgetfuls, of course, each of them forgot some item at a different tourist attraction; one left something behind at the Louvre while gazing in awe at the "Mona Lisa." Can you solve this Logic Puzzle by mapping out where the family was each day Monday-Thursday when one of them lost something, which Forgetful was forgetful there, and what he or she lost?

  1. The lost hat isn't the item Frannie forgot at one stop.
  2. Frankie isn't the family member who lost the Forgetfuls' only umbrella one day.
  3. One Forgetful left an item at top of the Eiffel Tower earlier in the week than Fred lost something; Fred's forgetfulness occurred earlier in the week than the loss of the family's guidebook.
  4. Frieda isn't the Forgetful who forgot something on the visit to the glorious Cathedral in Chartres.
  5. From earliest to latest during the week (but not necessarily consecutively), these three items were forgotten: the one left behind in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles; the item Frannie lost; and the Forgetfuls' umbrella.
  6. The video camera had pictures of the family's elevator descent of the Eiffel Tower, so it wasn't the item left behind at that great symbol of Paris.

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