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Logic Puzzle # 35 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
"... And the Nominees Are"

The five nominees for the Best Actress Cabley are listed in clue 1: Alicia, Kathy, the star of "Six in the City," and the stars of the shows on Bravura and Comedy Time. By clue 8, "Six in the City" isn't on Show@Home; so, in clue 1, either Alicia or Kathy is the actress in the Show@Home program. Neither Gwyneth (clue 6), Sandra (9), nor Meryl (12) is in the program on Entertainment Arts; so, again, either Alicia or Kathy in clue 1 is on that cable network. Therefore, "Six in the City" is on G!TV. By clue 4, "Alligator Al" isn't on the Show@Home channel, nor is it on Entertainment Arts (12); "Alligator Al" is on Bravura or Comedy Time. Similarly, "North Park" isn't on either Show@Home or Entertainment Arts (15) and is the other program on Bravura or Comedy Time. Since Sandra won a Cabley previously (9) and the actress on "Alligator Al" is a first-time nominee (4), Sandra isn't on "Alligator Al"; nor is she on "North Park" (9). Sandra must then be in "Six in the City" on G!TV. Alicia isn't starring in "The Gondolas" (11); Kathy is, and Alicia is in "Murder Most Irish." By clue 2, "Murder Most Irish" is on Entertainment Arts and "The Gondolas" on Show@Home. Miss Roberts isn't on G!TV or Comedy Time (7) and isn't Alicia or Kathy (11); she is on Bravura. Miss Hunt isn't on Show@Home (10) and isn't Sandra or in "Murder Most Irish" (13); she is on the Comedy Time channel. Miss Hunt is Gwyneth (6) and Miss Roberts Meryl. Meryl's Cabley nomination is for her role in "Alligator Al" (3) and Gwyneth's for "North Park." By clue 14, Miss Benning is Alicia. Then Kathy is Foster and Sandra Close (5). The five nominees for the Cabley for Best Actress are

  • Alicia Benning, "Murder Most Irish," Entertainment Arts
  • Sandra Close, "Six in the City," G!TV
  • Kathy Foster, "The Gondolas," Show@Home
  • Gwyneth Hunt, "North Park," Comedy Time
  • Meryl Roberts, "Alligator Al," Bravura Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.