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 Logic Puzzle # 34 Logic Problems Help  

Bastille Day Waiters Race
by Randall L. Whipkey

In honor of Bastille Day, each of Summerset's three French restaurants sends its best waiter to compete in the annual Bastille Day Waiter's Race. The waiters carry full trays of food up Main Street to the Town Square, the winner being the one with the fastest time to the finish line weighted by the items he drops along the route. From the carte below, can you find the order of finish--the waiter and his restaurant--in today's race?

  1. Marc placed immediately ahead of Lacroix in the order.
  2. Pierre placed just behind the waiter from Monique's.
  3. Alain, who isn't Renault, and the waiter from Chez Fernand collided half way up Main Street hill.
  4. The Sans Souci waiter, who isn't Dupres, didn't win this year's Bastille Day race.

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