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Logic Puzzle # 32 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Barn Dance

By clue 1, Bebe didn't do the Tennessee Waltz or the Electric Slide 5th. By clue 2, Bebe also didn't do the Texas Two-Step with her 5th partner. Therefore, Bebe did either the Bandstand Stroll or the Pennsylvania Polka as her 5th dance. The dance Bebe had with Romeo wasn't the Pennsylvania Polka (5) or the American Bandstand Stroll (8), so Romeo wasn't Bebe's 5th partner. By clue 2, then, Bebe danced with Romeo either 3rd or 4th. If Romeo had been Bebe's 4th partner, then she would have danced the Texas Two-Step 3rd and with the horse 2nd (2). By clue 7, the dance Bebe danced with the dog wasn't the Texas Two-Step. By clue 4, then, Bebe would have danced with Walter 3rd, and Romeo would be the dog. All five dance partners are named in clue 1. If Bebe had danced the Texas Two-Step with Walter 3rd, Walter would be the rooster in clue 1--no (4). So, Bebe danced with Romeo 3rd, did the Texas Two-Step 2nd, and danced with the horse 1st (2). By clue 4, Bebe danced with Walter immediately before dancing with the dog. Since Bebe didn't dance the Texas Two-Step with the dog (7), Bebe danced with Walter either 2nd or 4th. If she had danced the Texas Two-Step with Walter as her 2nd dance, Walter would be the rooster in clue 1--again, no (4). Therefore, Bebe danced with Walter 4th and the dog 5th. Hector isn't the dog (1), nor is Billy (7); Morris is the dog. Since Bebe's dance with Morris wasn't the American Bandstand Stroll (3), she danced the Pennsylvania Polka with him. Romeo didn't do the Bandstand Stroll (8) and therefore did either the Tennessee Waltz or Electric Slide with Bebe. Romeo then isn't the rooster in clue 1, nor is Walter the rooster (4). The rooster did the Texas Two-Step with Bebe. Hector must then be the horse (1) and Billy the rooster. Romeo is the sheep (5) and Walter the goat. Romeo did the Tennessee Waltz with Bebe (6). Bebe did the American Bandstand Stroll with Hector and the Electric slide with Walter (1). Bebe danced the five dances at the Barn Dance in order:

  • 1st - American Bandstand Stroll with Hector the horse
  • 2nd - Texas Two-Step with Billy the rooster
  • 3rd - Tennessee Waltz with Romeo the sheep
  • 4th - Electric Slide with Walter the goat
  • 5th - Pennsylvania Polka with Morris the dog Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.