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Logic Puzzle # 31 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:

By clue 2, four of the fireworks displays are the Fratelli Bros. show, the fireworks in Cozy Valley, and the displays featuring "The Big Bang" and "Rainbow." "7 Umbrellas" isn't the Fratelli's featured firework (6), and "7 Umbrellas" isn't the hit of the Cozy Valley program (8), so "7 Umbrellas" is in the fifth display to the four named in clue 2. By clue 1, Pyro Pirates highlight "!!!" in their display; Pyro Pirates must be producing the Cozy Valley fireworks. By elimination, the Fratelli Bros. prize firework is "Shining Star." Wonder Works doesn't highlight "7 Umbrellas" (4) or "The Big Bang" (7) and thus produces "Rainbow." Explosions, Inc. doesn't feature "7 Umbrellas" (4) and thus shoots off "The Big Bang." Then Skylighters features "7 Umbrellas" in their show. By clue 4, the Summerset show is being produced by Fratelli Bros. Neither Explosions, Inc. (3) nor "Wonder Works" (5) is doing the Ocean City fireworks, so Skylighters are. River Hill spectators will get to see "Rainbow" (9) and the Wild Lake 4th of July celebration will have "The Big Bang" go off. The five 4th of July fireworks displays scheduled are

  • Cozy Valley, Pyro Pirates with "!!!"
  • Ocean City, Skylighters with "7 Umbrellas"
  • River Hill, Wonder Works with "Rainbow"
  • Summerset, Fratelli Bros. with "Shining Star"
  • Wild Lake, Explosions, Inc. with "The Big Bang" Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.