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 Logic Puzzle # 31 Logic Problems Help  

by Randall L. Whipkey

To celebrate the 4th of July, 2000, Wild Lake and four other area towns have scheduled fireworks displays, each produced by a different fireworks company. Each display, including the one designed by Skylighters, features an unique firework, one being "Shining Star." From the burst of information below, can you deduce the fireworks maker who is putting on the display in each town and the centerpiece firework of each show?

  1. The Pyro Pirates featured firework is the earth-shaking "!!!".
  2. The display in Cozy Valley and the one programmed by Fratelli Bros. are scheduled for 9:30; the fireworks shows with "The Big Bang" and "Rainbow" as centerpieces are at 9:45.
  3. Explosions, Inc. isn't doing the Ocean City display.
  4. The fireworks displays built by Explosions, Inc. and Wonder Works are 45 minutes long; the Summerset program and the one with "7 Umbrellas" featured last 30 minutes each.
  5. The Ocean City spectators won't be the ones seeing "Rainbow."
  6. The Fratelli Bros. admire the art that another company put into "7 Umbrellas."
  7. Wonder Works doesn't put off the ear-splitting "Big Bang."
  8. "7 Umbrellas" isn't the centerpiece of the Cozy Valley 4th of July celebration.
  9. "The Big Bang" won't be frightening little children in River Hill.

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