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Logic Puzzle # 29 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Retired Numbers

By clue 8, Joey, Walk, and the player having #44 retired in his honor will all attend the ceremony. By clue 4, the player who is having his jersey #9 retired for stealing 101 bases one season won't be at the ceremony; he is the fourth Sycamore to the three in clue 8. Joey isn't the player who wore #1 (5), so he wore either #13 or #25. He then isn't Ball, who didn't wear either #13 or #25 (9). Joey's surname also isn't Bench (1) or Glover (5) and is thus Fielder. He isn't having #25 retired in his honor (6) and therefore is player #13. By clue 1, Yogi Bench isn't the 101-base stealer and thus didn't wear #9 during his Summerset tenure, nor did he wear #25. Yogi Bench is having #1 or #44 retired in his honor. He therefore didn't hit the 55 home runs (3), nor did Joey Fielder (6), Bo, or Tommy (7). Dustin hit 55 home runs to gain his honor. Since Dustin isn't Walk (10) and isn't having #44 retired for his home run exploits (3), he must be the fifth Sycamore to the four already named. Then Yogi Bench is having jersey #44 retired in his honor (1). Dustin is having jersey #25 (3) and Walk jersey #1 retired. Ball wore #9 during his Summerset time (9), and Dustin is then Glover. Bo is Walk (2) and Tommy Ball. Neither Bo (2) nor Joey (11) is the one who played in 1,112 games for the team, so Yogi is. Bo Walk isn't the Summerset Sycamore who tossed back-to-back no-hitters (10), so Joey Fielder is. Bo Walk had a team-record .399 batting average one year. The five players having their jerseys retired are

  • #1, Bo Walk, batted .399
  • #9, Tommy Ball, stole 101 bases
  • #13, Joey Fielder, pitched consecutive no-hit games
  • #25, Dustin Glover, hit 55 home runs
  • #44, Yogi Bench, played in 1,112 games for the Sycamores Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.