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Retired Numbers
by Randall L. Whipkey

At the annual 4th of July doubleheader next week, the Summerset Sycamores team in the Class A North Appalachian League will honor five of its past players, including Glover, by retiring their jersey numbers. Each player is being honored for a standout contribution during his days as a Sycamore, with one being lauded for batting a team-record .399 one season. From the score card below, you should be able to find the jersey number for each player and the feat for which he is being honored.

  1. Yogi Bench, who isn't the Sycamore being honored for stealing 101 bases one season, isn't the honoree having #25 retired.
  2. Bo, who isn't Ball, isn't the Summerset Sycamore being lauded for playing in a North Appalachian League record 1,112 games.
  3. Neither the player having #1 nor the one having #44 retired is being cited for slugging a club-record 55 home runs one year.
  4. The player having jersey #9 retired for his theft of 101 bases in a season won't be at the ceremony; he will be playing for the Summerset Sycamores big league parent Yankees that evening.
  5. Joey, who isn't Glover, and the player having his #1 jersey retired both live in Summerset in the off-season.
  6. Fielder, who isn't the player who slugged a club record 55 home runs to earn his honor, didn't wear #25 during his Summerset service.
  7. Neither Bo nor Tommy is the 55-home-run hitter.
  8. Joey, Walk, and the player having his #44 retired will all three be making remarks in person at the number retirement ceremony.
  9. Ball's name won't be the one on the back of either #13 or #25.
  10. Walk, who isn't Dustin, and the Sycamore being honored for pitching back-to-back no-hitters played one season together at the AA-level Ocean City Sea Gulls.
  11. The player whose #13 is being retired isn't the one who appeared in the 1,112 games.

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