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Logic Puzzle # 26 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Puzzles for Dad

From the introduction, no two jigsaw puzzles have the same number of pieces; and, from clue 1, the puzzle with the fewest pieces has 500 and that with the most 2,000. By clue 2, Cheryl's jigsaw has 1,000 more pieces than "Campaign Buttons"; while by clue 4, Chandra's puzzle has 1,000 more pieces than "American Beauties." These must be four different Chizzlethwaite children; otherwise, if Cheryl had bought "American Beauties" or Chandra had bought "Campaign Buttons," the three puzzles between clues 2 and 4 would have 500, 1,500, and 2,500 pieces--no (1). Chandra didn't buy "Fish, Fish, and More Fish" (7), so Cheryl did or the child who bought that puzzle would be the fifth to the four in clues 2 and 4. If the child who bought "Fish ... " were the fifth Chizzlethwaite daughter, then by clue 6, Chelsea would have bought "American Beauties." By clue 3, the "Fish ..." jigsaw doesn't have the 500 pieces. If Chelsea had purchased the 500-piece puzzle, Chandra's would have had 1,500 pieces (4) and "Fish ..." 1,000 (3). Then Cheryl's would have had 2,000 (1) and "Campaign Buttons" 1,000 (2)--but two would have the same number and conflict with the introduction. If "Campaign Buttons" had 500 pieces and Cheryl's then 1,000 (2), if either Chandra's (4) or the "Fish ..." puzzle (3) had the 2,000 pieces, Chelsea's would have 1,000--but then both Chandra's and the "Fish ..." puzzle would have 2,000 pieces. So, the child who bought "Fish, Fish, and More Fish" is Cheryl. Then Chelsea is the fifth child or bought "American Beauties" (6). If the latter were the case, if Chelsea's choice had the 500 pieces, then Cheryl's would have had 1,000 (3) and "Campaign Buttons" would have 0 (2)--no. If Chelsea had bought "American Beauties" and "Campaign Buttons" were the jigsaw of 500 pieces, Cheryl's would have 1,500 (2), Chelsea's 750 (3), and Chandra's 1,750 (4), and the fifth child's would have the 2,000 (1). But there is no way for clue 5 to work given these numbers. If Chelsea had bought "American Beauties" and the fifth puzzle were the jigsaw of 500 pieces, then either Cheryl or Chandra would have got her dad the 2,000-piece puzzle. In either case, Chelsea's would have been a 1,000-piece jigsaw (3, 4)--but then both Cheryl (3) and Chandra (4) would have bought puzzles of the same 2,000-piece size. Therefore, Chelsea must be the fifth child to the four in clues 2 and 4. Chelsea doesn't have the 500-piece puzzle, or "Campaign Buttons" would have 0 pieces (3, 2). If "American Beauties" had the fewest pieces, Chandra's would have 1,500 (4). Then Cheryl's would be the 2,000-piece jigsaw-- but both "Campaign Buttons" (2) and Chelsea's puzzle (3) would have 1,000, contradicting the introduction. Therefore, "Campaign Buttons" is a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, with Cheryl's having 1,500 pieces (2) and Chelsea's thus 750 (3). Chandra's jigsaw is the 2,000-piece one, and "American Beauties" has 1,000 pieces (4). By clue 5, China bought "American Beauties" for her dad. By elimination, Charlotte got him "Campaign Buttons." Chelsea picked "Hall of Mirrors" and Chandra "M & M's" (6). In sum, the girls bought Father's day puzzles for their dad as follows:

  • Chandra, "M & M's," 2,000
  • Cheryl, "Fish, Fish, and More Fish," 1,500
  • China, "American Beauties," 1,000
  • Chelsea, "Hall of Mirrors," 750
  • Charlotte, "Campaign Buttons," 500 Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.