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Logic Puzzle # 25 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Sludge, Drudge, Mudge, Grudge, & Trudge

By clue 2, Jackie's offices are one floor above partner Trudge's, which are one floor above the civil law specialist's. By clue 3, partner Grudge has the floor one above F. Lee. Since F. Lee isn't Trudge (6) and Grudge isn't the lawyer specializing in civil cases (7), there is no commonality between the two clues and all five lawyers are given as follows: either Jackie, Trudge, and the civil attorney have floors 6, 5, and 4 with Grudge on 3 and F. Lee on 2; or Grudge is on 6, F. Lee on 5, Jackie on 4, Trudge on 3, and the civil law specialist on 2. By clue 1, Sandra's offices are one floor above the tax lawyer's. Then the only way for the second of the two possible arrangements of clues 2 and 3 (Grudge on 6, etc.) to work would be Sandra being Grudge and F. Lee the tax specialist--no (6). So, Jackie's offices are on the 6th floor, Trudge's on the 5th, the civil specialist's on the 4th, Grudge's on the 3rd, and F. Lee's on the 2nd. Since F. Lee isn't the tax lawyer (6), by clue 1, Sandra must be the civil law specialist and Grudge the tax attorney. Ally is Trudge and Melvin Grudge (7). The specialist in criminal law is on a higher floor than Drudge (4). The criminal law specialist isn't Ally (9) and must be Jackie; and Drudge isn't Sandra (8) and must be F. Lee. Jackie is Sludge and Sandra Mudge (5). By clue 10, F. Lee Drudge is the property specialist and Ally Trudge the corporate law attorney. The offices of Sludge, Drudge, Mudge, Grudge, & Trudge are located as follows:

  • 2nd Floor: F. Lee Drudge, property law
  • 3rd Floor: Melvin Grudge, tax law
  • 4th Floor: Sandra Mudge, civil law
  • 5th Floor: Ally Trudge, corporate law
  • 6th Floor: Jackie Sludge, criminal law Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.