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Sludge, Drudge, Mudge, Grudge, & Trudge
by Randall L. Whipkey

When the new Judges Square offices opened, the law firm of Sludge, Drudge, Mudge, Grudge, & Trudge moved into the 6-story building at 1 Law Court. With the first floor devoted to reception and the firm's law library, each of the partners, including Melvin, took one of floors 2-6 for his or her offices. From the testimony below, can you determine each partner's full name and legal specialty (one is a property expert) and the floor he or she has at 1 Law Court?

  1. The tax attorney has the spaces one floor below where Sandra has her offices.
  2. Jackie's offices are one floor above partner Trudge's, which are one floor above those of the civil law specialist.
  3. F. Lee has his offices on the floor immediately under the one where partner Grudge practices law.
  4. The partner whose specialty is criminal cases is on a higher floor than attorney Drudge.
  5. Partner Sludge doesn't have offices on the 4th floor of 1 Law Court.
  6. F. Lee, who doesn't practice tax law, and Trudge are both past presidents of the Summerset Bar Association.
  7. Attorney Grudge, who isn't Ally, isn't the specialist in civil cases.
  8. Sandra and partner Drudge have clerked for the State Supreme Court.
  9. Ally and the criminal specialist are graduates of the Summerset School of Law.
  10. The corporate law expert doesn't have the 2nd floor spaces.

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