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Summer Jobs at the Shore
by Randall L. Whipkey

Five good friends from Summerset College decided to live and work in Ocean City for the summer, so they made a weekend trip to find housing and jobs. After locating a bayside apartment, the five split up for job hunting. Interestingly, each of the five, including Shin, got a job as a waiter or bus boy in a Shore restaurant, one getting a position as a waiter at Luck's. Given the menu of clues that follow, can you find each student's full name, his job, the name of the restaurant where he is working, and the type of restaurant (one specializes in a buffet) it is?

  1. Drew, who shares a room with Updyke and Vaccaro at Summerset College, isn't the one who has work as a waiter at the 43rd St. Restaurant.
  2. Bart, who isn't Tomlin, isn't the one who is working in the pizza parlor.
  3. Two of the friends are the one working as a waiter at the Atlantis Inn and the one employed by the crab house.
  4. Both Eric and Vaccaro have jobs as waiters.
  5. Chris isn't the one who works at the steak house.
  6. One of the five has a position at the Sand Dollar, which isn't a crab house.
  7. Neither Drew nor Reese is the one working as a bus boy at the grill.
  8. Alan and Vaccaro are sharing a room at the friends' Ocean City apartment.
  9. Tomlin's summer job isn't at the Atlantis Inn.
  10. Alan, whose job isn't the at the steak house, and the friend working at Bobby G's ride to work together, since their two restaurants are next-door to each other on Beach Highway.
  11. Bart and Reese, who isn't working at the pizza parlor, are the only two with previous restaurant experience.
  12. The five summer workers are Chris, Updyke, the one working at the pizza parlor, and the ones who work as bus boys at Bobby G's and the Sand Dollar.

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