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Logic Puzzle # 23 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Sweethearts of the Sagebrush

Three of the five Sweethearts are mentioned in clue 11: Ally, Ms. Winchester, and the one whose mount is Buck. By clue 5, Ally isn't the cowgirl who rides Midnight, nor does Ms. Winchester ride Midnight (7). The Sweetheart who rides Midnight is thus the fourth cowgirl to the three in clue 11. By clue 2, Ms. Canyon doesn't ride Midnight. Ms. Canyon isn't Ally and doesn't ride Buck (10). She must be the fifth Sweetheart to the four already named. By clue 2, Didi isn't Ms. Canyon and doesn't ride Midnight; and by clue 7, Didi isn't Ms. Winchester. Didi rides Buck. Ms. Stetson's horse isn't Midnight (3) or Buck (13); Ms. Stetson is Ally. Remembering this partial solution, we now start a second arrangement of the five Sweethearts with clue 12. Since Ally is Stetson, she, Cheri, and the cowgirl who rides for the Bar 0 Ranch are three of the parade riders. The rider for the K-D Did Ranch isn't Cheri (4) or Ally Stetson (13) and is thus the fourth cowgirl to the three in clue 12. Ellie isn't from the Bar 0 (1) or K-D Did Ranch (9); she is the fifth Sweetheart. Ms. Long-Horne isn't Cheri (4) or Ellie (9) and isn't from the K-D Did Ranch (9); she is the Bar 0 cowgirl. By clue 8, the Sweetheart from the Flatiron Ranch rides Chance and is neither Ally nor Cheri; she is Ellie. Going back to our first partial solution, since Ellie isn't Ms. Winchester (1), Ellie, who rides Chance, must be Ms. Canyon. Since Midnight isn't the Bar 0 cowgirl's mount (3), Ms. Long-Horne from the Bar 0 in the second solution must be Didi, Buck's rider, in the first. By elimination, Ms. Mesa is the cowgirl who rides Midnight. She isn't from the Crooked Hand or Roll 'n Rock Ranch (14) and is thus from the K-D Did. Then combining the two solutions, Cheri is Ms. Winchester. Bette is Mesa. Finally, by clue 6, Cheri rides Hero and Ally rides Ghost for the Roll 'n Rock Ranch. Cheri's home ranch is the Crooked Hand. In sum, the five Sweethearts of the Sagebrush, their mounts, and their home ranches are

  • Ally Stetson, Ghost, Roll 'n Rock Ranch
  • Bette Mesa, Midnight, K-D Did Ranch
  • Cheri Winchester, Hero, Crooked Hand Ranch
  • Didi Long-Horne, Buck, Bar 0 Ranch
  • Ellie Canyon, Chance, Flatiron Ranch Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.