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Sweethearts of the Sagebrush
by Randall L. Whipkey

At the annual Boone City fireman's carnival, the Friday night parade is traditionally led by the Sweethearts of the Sagebrush, a five cowgirl contingent whose mounts, resplendent with Western regalia, perform equestrian maneuvers during the parade. This year, Bette and the other Sweethearts, who are chosen competitively at the Cactus County Rodeo, are from five different local ranches. Given the information below, you should be able to find each cowgirl's full name (one surname is Mesa), the name of her horse (one rides Hero), and the ranch for which she rides.

  1. Ellie, who isn't Ms. Winchester, isn't the Sweetheart from the Bar 0 Ranch.
  2. Neither Didi nor Ms. Canyon is Midnight's rider.
  3. Midnight, which isn't Ms. Stetson's horse, isn't the stallion ridden by the cowgirl from the Bar 0.
  4. Cheri, who doesn't ride for the K-D Did Ranch, and Ms. Long-Horne are first-year Sweethearts.
  5. Ally enjoys riding maneuvers next to her friend who rides Midnight.
  6. The woman who rides Ghost--who isn't Cheri--and the cowgirl from the Crooked Hand Ranch both compete in tri-state rodeo events.
  7. Ms. Winchester, who isn't Didi, doesn't parade the black stallion Midnight.
  8. The Sweetheart from the Flatiron Ranch rides Chance; she isn't Ally or Cheri.
  9. Neither Ellie nor Ms. Long-Horne is from the K-D Did Ranch.
  10. Ms. Canyon, who isn't Ally, isn't Buck's rider.
  11. Neither Ally nor Ms. Winchester rides the big red Buck.
  12. Cheri and the Sweetheart from the Bar 0, who isn't Ms. Stetson, work as cowhands at their ranches.
  13. Ms. Stetson, whose mount isn't Buck, isn't from the K-D Did Ranch.
  14. Ms. Mesa's home ranch is neither the Crooked Hand nor the Roll 'n Rock.

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